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About Us Passionate. Principled. Purposeful.

Imagine if people were envisioned and equipped to live passionate, principled and purposeful lives through whatever work they are doing, wherever they are.

Our Vision

Passionate, principled and purposeful people mobilised to advance the common good through culture and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

To inspire, equip and mobilise passionate people to implement great ideas that advance the common good.
We work at the intersection of social justice, culture and entrepreneurship.

We imagine a growing movement of social & creative entrepreneurs, business owners, artisans, musicians, film-makers, designers, builders, finance & legal professionals, health practitioners, and educators seeking the peace and prosperity of the cities and communities where they live and work.

What is The Common Good?

The Common Good can be defined simply as “the most good for all people”.1


1 Gabe Lyons, Q Ideas

Your work matters. You were made to make a difference.


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