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Aleem Ali

Cultural & Social Entrepreneur. Work in Progress.

As the founder of For the Common Good, Aleem loves little more than working with passionate people to implement great ideas that advance the common good and human flourishing. Awarded and recognised for his contribution to the community, Aleem has spent the past 20 years seeding and mentoring the development of various programs, initiatives and enterprises including: the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs; 180 Studios; Bizness Men; Creative Pathways in the Central West; Bleeding Heart; Biddy Bags; YAMP (Youth Arts Mentoring Program); Empower Health Solutions; Human Ventures; and, Welcoming Cities.

Welcoming Cities

Welcoming Cities is a national network of inclusive, vibrant communities recognised for their ability to foster a sense of belonging and participation. Welcoming Cities supports Local Governments, through a multi-sector approach, to ensure that recently arrived migrants are welcome and have access and support to engage in ongoing socioeconomic opportunities and community life.

Academy for Young Entrepreneurs (AYE)

AYE seeks to empower children as innovators and change-makers. AYE imagines a future in which young people are passionate about making a positive difference through social enterprise.

180 Studios

180 Studios is a creative production company that uses film, music and culture to craft and communicate a better world.

Human Ventures

Human Ventures (human) is a creative and social enterprise that works with diverse communities to address problems such as poverty, social exclusion, and sustainability.

Bleeding Heart

Sporting the motto, using our powers for good, not evil, Bleeding Heart was a coffee bar, internet hub, gallery and retail outlet with a conscience and a difference.